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The easiest way to get involved with the Libertarian Party of Morgan County is to become a member of the Libertarian Party of Indiana. Annual Membership costs $25 per year or you can join the 1994 Society which uses your monthly donation to ensure the LPIN maintains ballot access here in Indiana. Becoming a member also grants you voting rights at our annual county convention so that you can help us make Morgan County better.

You can also become a member of the National Libertarian Party. Membership in the National LP helps determine delegate counts for Indiana to the biannual national convention. Your $25 membership in the National Party helps Indiana have bigger voice in the direction of the party on a National level.

Help Wanted:

Whether or not you choose to become a member we still have plenty of ways you can get involved. We need volunteers for the many outreach events and fundraisers we hold all over the county. We also need people willing to attend their local meetings and keep us up-to-date on what’s happening everywhere in the county. We can’t keep track of everything that’s going on without your help. Live-streaming meetings is a great way to share that knowledge with citizens. It’s not difficult or expensive and we can show you how to do it.

How can you help us keep people more informed? Contact Us and let us know.

Additionally, we are looking for people to help us fill the following volunteer positions:

Event Director:

The Event Director oversees all aspects of event planning and management, including internal and external events. Responsibilities include finding and booking events, staffing the events, ensuring we have all necessary materials for events, and that any and all requirements are met for each event.

Volunteer Director:

The Volunteer Director will find and recruit volunteers as well as assign and manage them when needed. Responsibilities include recruiting volunteers, maintaining a list of their contact info and skill sets, organizing them for events, and keeping them motivated.

Outreach Director:

The Outreach Director will work with many other officers and directors to cultivate new contacts for membership, volunteer work, fundraising, and media. Responsibilities include promotion of LPMC events, coordinated messaging, and driving the plan to meet our outreach goals.

Political Director:

The Political Director will recruit, manage, train, and assist candidates running for elected office. Other responsibilities include finding and promoting Libertarians for local appointed offices, and assisting in local policy research, positions, and advocacy.

Media Director:

The Media Director will manage content for social media as well as cultivate relevant content for local print, radio, and online outlets. Responsibilities include finding and maintaining relationships for media outlets, utilizing various content creators, promoting all outreach events and fundraisers, and any other media related tasks as needed.

Run for Office:

Of course, one of the most traditional ways to have an impact on your community is to become a leader, run for office, and affect the change you want to see in your community. We are always ready to talk to potential candidates.

How much of a difference are you ready to make?

Contact us and tell us how you can help or come and talk to us at one of our events:


Our monthly business meeting is held at Ralph and Ava’s in Mooresville starting at 6:00 pm on the 2nd Thursday of every month. Immediately following the business meeting, we stick around for "Liberty Lingo and Music Bingo" which is an informal meet and greet where all are welcome to come join us. It’s a great way to get to know members and learn a little more about Libertarianism. Come Join the Fun!

Upcoming Events

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