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Mooresville Town Council goes Libertarian

Whether they realized it or not, the Mooresville Town Council went full Libertarian in their meeting Tuesday (12/12/2017) when they decided to voluntarily fund a project that would make the bell in the government center ring again.

Just because you can spend taxpayer money, doesn’t mean you should. Libertarians are often chided for taking a stance that taxpayer money should not be spent frivolously. Not wanting to force taxpayers to pay for something is not the same as not supporting a project. We believe that if something is truly worth doing, then it can and should be funded voluntarily.

The town council applied this core Libertarian principle perfectly when they decided the bell project was worth doing, but that forcing Mooresville taxpayers to fund it wasn’t the best approach. The Libertarian Party of Morgan County commends the council on their decision to fund the project through donations. We hope to see this principle applied more in the future. We also encourage your readers to not only donate, but make it known that they would like to see more projects funded through volunteerism in the future.

By Danny Lundy | Libertarian Party of Morgan County | Published Dec 27, 2017 in The Mooresville-Decatur Times

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