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Local Libertarian seeks Brown Township Board

Mooresville resident Danny Lundy announced over the weekend his intention to seek the Libertarian nomination for Brown Township Board.

“I decided to run for township board because I see a need there. One thing recent events in Mooresville has highlighted is a need for transparency and an update to modern standards of accessibility,” said Lundy. “We’ve already seen a lot of improvement from the town council, although there is a lot more work to do there as well. Where the town council has regularly scheduled public meetings, however, the township government does not.”

Danny Lundy

Lundy recently started streaming the town council’s public meetings, as well as the public meetings of the redevelopment commission, via Facebook Live to the Libertarian Party of Morgan County’s page. Lundy said transparency in government is important to him and would be one of his principle focuses.

“My primary goal, if elected, would be to bring what the township government does out into the open so the taxpayers can properly judge the kind of job they are doing. As a member of the board, I’ll have a lot more access and information I’ll be able to make public and accessible to members of the community,” he said.

Lundy acknowledged Republicans and Democrats generally dominate the political landscape, saying not everyone may understand his third-party Libertarian position.

“The Libertarian Party of Morgan County really started up in the latter half of 2016, although the LP of Indiana has been around since 1974," he said. "As a county party, our goal is (to) let people know that we are the third largest political party in the country, the state and in Morgan County, and to let them know what we stand for. We believe less government is more freedom; fiscal responsibility, but also social tolerance. Essentially, if you aren’t hurting anyone else or their property, you should be free to live your life without government interference. If elected, I would apply those basic principles to the job.”

Visit the Danny Lundy for Brown Township Facebook page or visit for more information.

By Anthony Woodside | Reporter | Published Jan 6, 2018 in The Mooresville-Decatur Times

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