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Why you won't see Libertarians on your primary ballot

Per Indiana law, a political party must get a minimum of 10 percent in the Secretary of State’s race to participate in the general primaries. We must get at least 2 percent to maintain ballot access — which we have done every year since 1994. So, voting Libertarian for Secretary of State is a vote to continue giving Hoosier voters more choices.

As we do not participate in the May primaries, our candidates are selected by delegates at convention, at no cost to taxpayers. For county and local races, we are officially nominated at county conventions. For example, I have already received the Libertarian nomination for this year’s election from the Libertarian Party of Morgan County.

Other higher-level offices, such as state representatives, state senate, U.S. Congress, U.S. Senate, and Secretary of State will be selected by delegates at our state convention on May 5.

Do not be dissuaded by the primary process. We will be on the ballot in November, and Hoosiers will have more choice as a result.

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By Danny Lundy | Libertarian Party of Morgan County | Published Apr 24, 2018 in The Reporter-Times

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