Morgan LPIN Libertarian Party of Morgan County

Welcome to the Libertarian Party of Morgan County website. As an official county affiliate of the Libertarian Party of Indiana, we believe in a limited locally controlled government that doesn’t unnecessarily meddle in people’s lives. We believe in being fiscally responsible with your money so you can keep more of it for yourself and your family. We also believe every individual should be treated equally under the law; regardless of race, religion, sexual preference, social status or income.

The Libertarian Party believes that a locally controlled government can be more responsive to the people’s needs and more efficient than one ran top down from Washington DC or even Indianapolis. As such, it is our goal to find, run, promote, and help elect people who believe in the Principles of Self Ownership(meaning you have a right to live your life however you wish without interference from government, so long as you do not harm anyone else or take their stuff).

Please take the time to browse our site. We have information regarding our positions on some local issues, information about local candidates, plenty of links and information to help you learn about Libertarians, Libertarianism and the Libertarian Party, we have a place for you sign up to volunteer, receive news from the Morgan County LP and, of course, there is a place where you can donate to the Libertarian Party of Morgan County.

Thank you for visiting and please Contact Us with any questions or concerns.

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